Domino’s Pizza Gibraltar

Working for Domino’s Pizza is a job we were delighted to do. In Imagine we are fans of pizza and we had to record an advertisement that would later appear on GBC. The concept was simple: Naturalness. What better plan than two lifelong friends who meet for a pizza and talk about their things?

Reproducir vídeo
Reproducir vídeo

Our videographer has a gift for capturing emotions and entering the consumer’s mind. The pizza is hot, since it is freshly made, and the cheese not only bubbles but also appears melted and juicy, leaving a few trickles as the girls separate the pieces of the pizza. This is known as the “cheese pull” and it is a key element because it has a very powerful effect on non-verbal communication. What sells is the idea of what awaits us, what pizza has to offer, and the message quickly connects with the consumer’s brain. As one expert points out, this image makes you feel hungry and that you want to eat. And we get it 💪🏻

Our videos are on his website 🖥️

Promotional videos are one of the best ways for companies to illustrate and market the services or products that they provide. The best promotional videos get straight to the point about who you are and what you do. These vital pieces of information help establish a relationship with the viewer as to why they should use your business rather than a competitor.