Maidelay by Lola

A long time ago, our friend Noemí told us about the idea of setting up a business dedicated to her daughter, Lola. It took her a long time to find the right place to build it, the concept, and how to organize everything… It was very hard work, but all this effort built Maidelay by Lola, a new concept of the cafeteria that did not even exist in Seville. A place where you can enjoy breakfast at 8 in the morning or a gin tonic with a stand-up show at 11 at night.

When I had everything ready, we talked to start working on the brand, starting with inspiration, because Maidelay has to be a home for everyone, a place to relax and be comfortable while enjoying a coffee or tapas with your loved ones. In this way, we tried to achieve a warm brand, which is close to people but still elegant and delicate.

After working on the branding

we started working on the communication of the brand and how it interacts with customers. At all times, with Noemi’s help, we developed a familiar tone for all our content strategies, trying to be closer and warmer than we were before.


Finally, with all the branding developed, from logos and brand identity, we took advantage of local SEO and worked very hard to have everything indexed to be visible to the neighbor of Montequinto. Maidelay by Lola is real and open.

The nice work of the whole team would not have been possible without the vision and love of Noemi.


From the branding and social networks to the website, it has been a job that we love to work on, and we hope to work on it for a long time.