When we receive a briefing for a new campaign, we try to think in two different ways: on the one hand, what our client has in mind, taking his vision and trying to get as close to it as possible; but on the other hand, we try to look for the most ridiculous, extravagant, original, different, and a few more adjectives that can define a crazy and usually useless idea! When we have these two ways of approaching the brief, we try to look for something in between.

Gibtelecom 5G - Pizza Episode

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We used to work hand in hand with Gibtelecom and their team on their spots to produce and develop their video ideas, and when they asked us for a summer campaign focused on their 5G connection, we went to work following this process. But this time, we weren’t in this in-between space – maybe it was risky – but we tried a double backflip in the pool. And it worked!

Gibtelecom 5G - QUÉ PASA? Episode

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We achieved this by thinking in a context of some usual situations of our daily life. Things that are horrible and challenge our patience. Like waiting for a pizza, waiting in line for a live show or trying to find a parking spot at the beach. What if all these hateful experiences just passed by instantly?

Gibtelecom 5G - Beach Episode

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With this pretext, we tried to build a comparison between these instant solutions of our daily life and the benefits of Gibtelecom’s 5G that makes our life better, obviously in a fictional context and with a touch of comedy to be closer to the audience. We hope you like it!