As we said after the first time we worked together, we want more. And finally, it has happened. Shortly after our last job, we had a meeting to talk about new projects. We talked about new ideas and strategies, and we were all very proud of how we were working. We kept connecting on what we wanted and how to do it and every meeting was a pleasure. 

A few weeks later, the new project was defined. We were going to have the pleasure of doing the new spot for the company, the second one in live-action. Before Imagine, they only made one live-action spot, after that, they had all been animated. 

Commercial TV ad

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We had a first concept to start our work: “Connection”. Connection has to do with telecommunications, but also with people, society, family, and friends. 


In addition, we have another way of working on it: their customers. Customers are probably the most important thing in any company. As Gibtelecom for us, they love their customers, and they wanted to dedicate this spot to them. Trying to mix all these concepts and working hand in hand with them, the final claim says: “Thank you for being part of our connection”. 


Then, when everything was defined, we started filming as soon as possible, trying to cover the connection between our environment in many parts of Gibraltar, casting people of many ages and their connection with each other and the connection thanks to telecommunications. 


This is how we imagined and created all the scenes we wanted to show, covering topics such as gaming, music, commercial uses and home connection. Trying to cover all the uses and objectives and being close to the customers to thank them sincerely. 


Now, many days of shooting, changes and meetings later, we are so glad to present you the new Gibtelecom spot, thank you for being part of our connection.