Charlie's Steak & Grill

Rebranding is something that all brands must do every once in a while, whether it be just a few retouches, or a total change. Regardless, it is always a challenge, especially for the creators of the original brand, because all designers are always in love with their work and as a result, it is hard to find a way to improve something you already think is perfect.

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A few months ago, we received a call from Charlie’s, one of our clients, who wanted to Implement a 180-degree change to their brand and restaurant. They planned to renovate the entire restaurant and as a result needed their branding to match their new interior design.

When we started working on it, we realized that we had to change the way we looked at the brand itself. It’s not just about rebranding Charlie’s, it’s about rebranding an experience, a way of having a good time with family and friends and enjoying gastronomy. Based on this, we envisioned a new brand that is inspired by the original senses of familiarity and warmth, whilst being more elegant, modern and chic, which combines perfectly with the look of its new interior and dishes.


The product of all these changes is a completely new brand that continues to be top of mind and recognized by all in Gibraltar, while furthering the new restaurant experience that can be enjoyed by diners right now in Gibraltar. If you can enjoy a dinner at Charlie’s, you will not regret it!