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Reproducir vídeo

We are very happy to work for NomNoms. It was clear to us that for an ad to work, it had to catch the attention. We wanted it to stand out among all those messages we see every day on the internet or TV.

In general, humor, the appearance of recognizable spaces and reflecting everyday situations of real life are resources that make us pay more attention to what we see and that on occasions can be useful.

With all this, we try to elaborate a script that aims to highlight the essence of NomNoms and highlight its virtues and, as the video says: When you want something, Nomnoms will take care of the rest.

– Social Networks

To give a makeover and make NomNoms’ incredible offers reach all customers through social networks is a challenge that we have accepted with enthusiasm, our main objective is to improve the platform’s position using growth strategies and tactics.

Need something? Don’t worry, NomNoms delivers it to your door.