When we were approached to work with Gibraltar’s largest telecommunications provider, we had no doubts. In fact, we had more ideas than doubts! Currently, we are developing new campaigns focused on increasing brand recognition. Working with a “big fish” like Gibtelecom can have its creative red flags in terms of aesthetics, but working together, we developed good lines of communication to give them a new brand look while keeping within their corporate guidelines.

We worked together with them in three different areas:

Creating a complete marketing campaign, focused on brand recognition throughout Gibraltar and covering all of their business channels.

Working on their business image through photography, developing a new photographic style in their corporate and space photos. These space photos have a special value around the new flagship store that has just reopened, and it posed a big investment for them and a big challenge for us to develop a photo shoot that could meet all of their requirements.

The latest project we are working on is in the process of being developed and is pending launch. We are creating new creative concepts for their future campaigns that we hope you will be able to watch very soon!