Eyas Gaming

New arrival! Gaming companies are one of the biggest market niches in Gibraltar and are a real challenge for marketers because of their competence and specific requirements. For this reason, when Eyas Gaming called us, we did not hesitate to accept the job and accepted directly. Moreover, when we started working with them, we were delighted with their proximity and naturalness.

Our work for them covers three different areas:

Why Join Eyas?

Reproducir vídeo

Making new corporate videos about their company values using motion graphic techniques that are greatly improving their brand recognition in the office and at business conferences.

We also worked for hand in hand on all the audiovisual content. We started with some corporate photos and we are also defining new aesthetic guidelines for all their communication channels by developing a style book.

Finally, we are in charge of Social Media management.
where they have profiles on Linkedin and Instagram. The main goal for them is to use social networks as a tool for their HR team, where talented people can take a look at all the vacancies and have a better view of all the values of Eyas Gaming, their way of working, and their goals.