Kamakura Gibraltar

Kamakura welcomed it’s new project at Atlantic Suites and we had to immortalize this moment of joy when new beginnings happen.

Kamakura brings you the highest possible quality in breakfasts and meals directly from Japan.

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After watching this video you will feel like you have just visited Japan.

If you want to know more about this incredible Japanese restaurant in Gibraltar, do not hesitate to follow them on their social networks where they will be keeping you updated on their best dishes and news.

Photography & Social Media

One of our objectives for Kamakura was to give it a complete revamp and refresh it’s image. We wanted to improve the quality of the photography as we as consumers eat with our eyes.

Having quality photographs improves the brand’s identity, and transforms it to a robust and professional brand.

If after seeing these photos you have become a little hungry, you can find Kamakura in Ocean Village and also at their brand new location at Atlantic Suites for breakfast and lunch. Enjoy!

If you are not on social media networks, you are non-existent in today’s modern world. Our friends at Kamakura had it very clear, they needed us at Imagine to help them manage their social media networks and take them to another level.

Thanks to different social media strategies and proprietary methodologies, fundamental objectives for the growth of sales and business can be achieved. Such as brand loyalty with testimonials from happy customers, and improving the scope so that people who were not aware of the business can enjoy a delicious Japanese meal at the Rock of Gibraltar.

The best part is that the Imagine team has been able to taste the incredible sushi the restaurant has to offer. If you haven’t tried it yet…What are you waiting for?!