Valentine’s Day marketing strategies to boost your business! 

Once Christmas is over, the next big sales date is undoubtedly Valentine’s Day. That’s why, in today’s blog, we bring you some Valentine’s Day marketing strategies to boost your business for these dates, let’s go with them!

Who doesn’t remember Ralph’s card to Lisa in The Simpsons, or Dwight giving Angela the keys to her house in The Office? Valentine’s Day gifts and special plans are commonplace at this time of year. That’s why it’s normal to find a peak in turnover during these weeks. 

Whether you sell scented candles, flowers, fashion, or chocolates or own a restaurant, you know all about it. Below, we’ll give you some branding strategies, specifically digital ones, to boost your business during this time of year and reinforce your brand building.

Raffle something among your followers

Probably the most used digital strategy, but it is no less useful or effective. Holding raffles with your products is always a good way to approach new audiences and further strengthen those who are already customers. In addition, depending on the objectives we want to achieve, we can adapt what we are going to raffle and thus not harm us financially. 

On a thematic level, it always helps if the gift fits in with these dates and reinforces the idea of a gift to be enjoyed by two so that it can be shared with partners and friends, thus forcing word of mouth. 

Finally, if you opt for this strategy, try to share it in an omnichannel way, that is, through all the media you can. Even if it’s a network-only sweepstake, don’t forget to include it in your digital strategy, whether in your web design, email marketing or even if you have a physical business, tell your customers about it directly.

“Holding raffles with your products is always a good way to approach new audiences and further strengthen those who are already customers.”

Adapt your brand to Valentine’s Day 

Just publishing sweepstakes is not enough to boost sales on Valentine’s Day. While the sweepstakes will help us to promote ourselves on the best social networks for businesses such as Instagram, if we also adapt our brand identity in terms of colours, details, content and communication for these dates, we will achieve a much greater expansion.

This will make visitors to our official pages remember Valentine’s Day and keep you in mind for their gifts, beyond just participating in the sweepstakes and following you.

Exclusive gifts and promotions

We are taking it one step at a time. We already have a raffle scheduled and all the social media planning ready for these weeks, but can we do more? Of course! 

Let’s take a look at our product catalogue. If we have the possibility to prepare some packs, products or thematic offers for these days, it will be a great sales argument for customers to choose us instead of the competition these days. 

Email Marketing: Get closer to your customer again

Valentine's Day marketing strategies

If there is a perfect way to approach old customers without being invasive, that is email marketing. It has been proven that emails have long been an effective channel for communicating with customers who have not bought our products for a long time, as well as being able to remarket and return to those who thought about buying something from us but did not complete the purchase. 

Offering them in a more private and closer way, such as an email, our promotions and products on these dates in a themed way, and even giving them a direct link to our raffle, is a very useful channel to exploit in any type of temporary campaign.

Adapt your web design

Looking to go one step further? Let’s go with your website! We’ve done all the easy stuff before, but maybe getting into touching the web can be a bit more difficult. But if you have the knowledge or can have it done, adapting our website through UX and UI design techniques can be a great help. We are not going to change the page completely; we are not going to change practically anything. But it is perhaps a good idea to adapt our banners, change some colours and include pop-up reminders of our offers and promotions. 

This is a vital marketing strategy if our sales are mainly driven by the online channel, and adapting our brand identity, in this case, is a sure-fire hit.

Above all, be creative

Anyone can carry out these Valentine’s Day marketing strategies, and many can even add Instagram ad campaigns or SEM campaigns on Google to boost sales. If you want to differentiate yourself from the rest, it is essential to be creative. Whether it’s through design, products or promotions, it’s vital to be creative and come up with something different from the rest, giving a 180-degree turn to the classic Valentine’s Day promotion. For that, perhaps a creative agency could help you… 😏

What do you think about these strategies, are you ready to apply them now and boost your business on Valentine’s Day? Well, let’s get to it! If you also want to keep up to date with all our news, don’t forget to follow us on social networks to stay up to date with everything. See you!