Marketing trends for 2023

This 2022 is about to end and 2023 is coming strong. That’s why in today’s blog we are going to focus on analyzing the different marketing trends for 2023, come on with them!

Marketing, and specifically its digital branch, is constantly changing. Consumers change their behaviors, the generational shift changes the ways of consumption and interaction, and the ways in which we collect and analyze data makes us continually reach different conclusions. In today’s blog we are going to see, having previously analyzed all this, what the new marketing trends for 2023 are going to be.


We start with one of the most important sales arguments not only for 2023, but has been for years and will continue to be for many years to come. Sustainability in all areas, as we have also been analyzing from the point of view of the fashion industry, is vital in terms of consumer decision-making.

Establishing or at least addressing sustainability in the brand’s communication plan and marketing strategies will be essential to be able to position itself in an attractive way for the consumers and to be a benchmark against the competition.

AI for consumer insight

Although we will discuss active listening more directly in the next section, the use of AI to analyze consumer data is going to become more and more useful. All of this is based on continuous AI learning and systems are becoming more and more optimized as the current “data rush” and what we now call “dirty data”. Makes filtering and organizing data unfeasible to do manually, and it is at this point that AI becomes very important.

Both in the implementation of CRMs, as well as in email marketing and statistics, AI is taking the lead and is one of the major investments in marketing for both brands and agencies.

Active listening

We introduced it before and now in more depth. Knowing our consumers with strategies based on putting your customer first and at the center of your business to offer them a positive experience and build long-term relationships, knowing their trends and ways of consumption is a great asset to give your customers what they want. According to the latest research, 6 out of 10 brands will invest in active listening in 2023. Whether through the use of AI or more traditional methods, collecting data of interest and getting good customer feedback is essential to later be able to properly build a strategy based on valuable customer information.

Branded content

In terms of content, interactivity and quality of content is vital to maintain a good engagement with our community. Purely promotional content works less and less, except in the case of specific offers and promotions on certain dates. That is why the creation of interesting content, which may have nothing to do with the brand, is becoming increasingly useful. This content, which can be educational, interactive or pure entertainment, whatever the topic, under the brand’s cover, is what we call Branded Content, and it is what works best today and will be one of the marketing trends for 2023.

Whether through podcasts, tutorials, hubs, webinars… this content under the brand is a great opportunity to develop in 2023 and improve brand awareness.


As in branded content as we have been talking about, videogames are also one of the marketing trends for 2023. Videogames, yes, but how?

Very simple, it is not necessary to hire 5 developers, there are many platforms that help to incorporate gamification in our strategies as an original and different way to increase our engagement. Moreover, the rise of videogames, eSports and platforms like Twitch, make the world of videogames also a perfect medium for campaigns and sponsorships with our brand, especially if our target is among the consumers of these increasingly popular media.

Video Marketing

It has already been so in 2022 and will continue to be so in 2023. Video after the TikTok incursion is the great star of branded content and is confirmed as one of the marketing trends for 2023. Whether you are thinking of including TikTok in your networking strategy or you will only be on Instagram, the “Reel” format is a staple even for YouTube, which increasingly has more content for its “Shorts”.

This is due to the ease of interacting and expressing a concept, much easier to understand by the customer through a video than in a text or design, while adapting more easily to new devices.

SEO Evolution (EAT Signals: Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness)

SEO is better known by the general public as are the main positioning strategies, but it also depends a lot on the algorithmic changes of the environment in which it is developed: the search engines.

In particular, the most known by all, Google, is not very happy with SEO strategies such as linkbuilding or the non-organic use of keywords. For that, Google is looking to adapt its algorithm to prioritize results by three signals that they call EAT: Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness.

In short, what this is about is to prioritize the quality of content over other issues such as keywords, traffic or referral links, something increasingly possible with the implementation of AI. Has it ever happened to you that you search for something in Google and although the first result talks about it, it doesn’t say anything relevant? Well, that’s what Google wants to put an end to.

What do you think of these marketing trends for 2023? Are you going to start working on implementing them? If you want to stay up to date with all our news and content, follow us now on our social networks and be the first to know every time we upload something.

See you in the next blog!