Inspiration to be creative #2

A few months ago when we started our blog, one of the sections we were most excited to share with all of you was about our inspiration to be creative. A compilation of all kinds of work and content that has helped us develop our creativity and inspire our daily work.

In our first ‘inspiration to be creative’ blog post, we recommended some TV series, documentaries and Instagram accounts that had helped us a lot in our day-to-day. Today we’re going to continue with this list and share some more things that inspire us at our marketing agency

Design Trilogy, Gary Hustwit

Gary Hustwit is an American director and documentary filmmaker. In 2007 after having made some films oriented to music and social interactions around it, he presented Helvetica, a documentary about graphic design from the prism of this typeface and how it revolutionized design to what it is today. Later, in 2009 he released Objectified, about industrial design and human interaction. Finally, in 2011 he presented Urbanized, a documentary about the design of cities, their structures and the planning of a modern metropolis.

Through conversations with different designers; this trilogy of documentaries gives us an intimate view of the relationship between creators and their works; what leads them to make decisions and how their works interact with the environment. This gives rise to a dialogue between design in all its facets and the users. Even though Helvetica in particular is the one that comes closest to our field; all of them are really inspiring not only because of the work, but also because of the thought process behind them which helps us conceptualize our own work by helping us view ideas using a different point of view. 

Design trilogy


There are many ways to wake up on a Monday morning. You can wake up angry, happy, tired… but what we all mostly have in common is waking up with the cell phone. DailyArt is an app that keeps us updated on a daily basis with a new work of art, commentary and information about the work. This tool is a very good ally to help us avoid loading our brains with negative vibes first thing in the morning from Twitter posts and instead start the day with something inspirational and positive, such as a work of art you didn’t know about Monet or Basquiat.

You can download it for free for Android or iOs and enjoy a new work every morning.

Museo Del Prado’s social networks

Museo del Prado is not only the largest Pinacotheca in the world, but also one of your new favorite social media profiles. A little over a year ago the museum’s communication management changed it’s communication strategy to feel more accessible and closer to the public and it’s visitors through social networks. So much so that on their social networks not only do the top managers of the museum participate, now so do security and cleaning staff who are also very connected with the works they see in their day to day, providing a very personal and intimate point of view of the works on display. 

They are currently developing a very wide strategy of educational Reels and photos, as well as tiktoks that bring us closer to works in the collection. Every morning they perform a live on Instagram where the viewer can learn about new works, curiosities and the current affairs of the museum. 

Lofi music Playlists

Everyone has their own quirks to work with, and one of them is what they listen to. LoFi is a style of music that comes from Hip-hop and electronic music, and are very quiet and calm acoustic beats that many times can be mixed with jazz, blues or other styles.

Here you go, we are sharing this Spotify playlist with you, give it a listen and get a feel for this catchy musical style for yourselves. This musical style became very popular because of a Youtube live that never stopped replaying this style of music just like a radio channel would. 

If you like this style of music and you want to delve deeper into some specific artists in this genre, an artist you won’t want to miss is Cookin Soul! Cookin Soul is a Spanish producer and an expert in this, here is one of his albums check it out: 

What do you think about our blog, do you feel ready to work? If you want to know more about the things that inspire us and how we work, follow us on our social networks and stay up to date with all our news We are waiting for you!