Inspiration to be creative #1

Being creative makes us who we are, and we love creativity. But it is very difficult to be creative and original out of nothing, inspiration and references give us life every day. That’s why you need to have some sort Inspiration to be creative.

As we said in our first blog, one of the sections we were going to bring to you was our “Imagine’s Way of Life(work)”, where we share all those things that help us in our work but not only about work. We mean everything that inspires us and helps us in our day to day life, from what we eat at the office to what we watch on Netflix and listen to on Spotify. That’s why in this blog we are going to share with you some recommendations that inspire us and help us with our work in our Marketing Agency, Let’s start with the first one!

Abstract: The Art of Design

The front covers of The New Yorker, the most famous photos of prime ministers and presidents of the world, the typographies of big brands such as Apple or Instagram… If there is something Netflix did for creatives, it is this documentary series. In it we can see the stories of designers from many fields, from clothing or architecture to UX/UI or typography. Through this series we hear about big names in graphic design such as Paula Scher and Christoph Niemann, or the case of photography through the iconic photographer Platon; the artist behind many iconic portraits that you were unaware of.

Through all these stories we discover the creative process of all these artists, how they face the blank page and the void and how they solve problems using design as a tool to make incredible things that help us in many aspects of our lives: How can we read a poster better? How do we interact with apps? How do we express ourselves through our clothes? How do we see our leaders?

Among all the episodes of the two seasons, we have selected two special episodes for you for the work they do and how they do it:

Chapter 1×07. Platon

Probably one of the most influential photographers in the world for his incredible portraits of leaders and personalities. In this chapter we can see how he became who he is, why he does what he does and we get into his most personal and social projects. If you are interested in photography, this chapter is a must.

Chapter 2×06. Jonathan Hoefler

It is very improbable that no typography is used in a design, but who designs typography? In this chapter we can see the work of Hoefler’s New York design studio where they just design typographies from scratch. If you are obsessed as we are with typographies and you notice every typo you see on the streets, you will love it.

The man who designed Spain (El hombre que diseñó España), Dir.: Andrea G. Bermejo, Miguel Larraya

Branding can be enough to define the success or failure of a company. Well, imagine that your client is a country that has just come out of a dictatorial mandate. In this fabulous documentary about the work of a Spanish design legend, José María Cruz Novillo, we can see how he grew up in his work with his beginnings as a painter during fascism in Spain, how he became a designer and how he redesigned Spain when democracy began.

As he said, “Spain needed to go through Helvetica”, and there can be no better definition. Updating the image of a country after a dictatorial mandate cannot be easy. You have to make a 40-year leap in design in a drastic way and you have to convince a whole country. And he succeeded. Here is a brief sample of all the branding work he did throughout his career over the years for advertising and cinema.

Policía Nacional, la Red Nacional de Ferrocarril, Correos, Telefónica, Repsol… An endless list of companies and entities so different from each other with the same objective: to renew their brand to the present day in order to survive.

Branding can be enough to define the success or failure of a company.

Instagram accounts that you must have in your feed

It’s not all about Netflix. We also bring inspiration to your Instagram feed so that, among so many ads and posing, you can also find something interesting. As we talked about typography before, now we are going to give you some profiles about typo that you are going to love.

Logofonts (@logo_fonts)

This profile is based on something essential: analyzing the big brands to see what fonts they use. Have you ever thought about what typography Nike uses? Or Rolex? Here you can find all the answers to almost all these questions. Just an advice, if you have something to do, don’t enter this profile now.

Type posters (@typosters)

Because it’s not all about photos and illustrations. This profile shows great taste by serving as a repository of posters from all over the world designed around typographies. If you think it’s simple, go to his profile and see how the center of a design is as much as typography can be.

Sevilla Tipo (@sevillatipo)

This account is one of our favorites. Unfortunately, many of our cities, due to gentrification and postmodernism, are losing the original aura of their streets. The original architecture is being lost, the way we live in the city and how we communicate with it. Today it seems that all the businesses and signs in our cities have been made by the same person without taste and with three fonts installed on their computer, but there was a time when design in cities had a life of its own. In this case, Sevilla Tipo tries to remember those classic signs of the city in which we can see authentic artistic geniuses made with typography that still survive and that, unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer left. It is a beautiful initiative that could surely be developed in many more cities.

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