Halloween at the office

Halloween seems scary, but when you experience it from the office… It can be a lot of fun and full of opportunities!

In this Halloween blog special, we are going to talk about how we can take advantage of Halloween and enjoy a good atmosphere in the office and create themed campaigns for our clients.

These pre-Christmas dates are a very good time to team up and initiate team-building activities to improve the office environment by decorating, dressing up, and creating specific content for these dates in a comical and festive tone. In addition, it is a very good moment for our clients to showcase their brand using creative campaigns that will help in the lead-up to Christmas campaigns.

Halloween with your customers

Work first, fun later. Let’s start by talking about how we can target clients’ holiday campaigns to position brands in a way that appeals to customers.

First of all, physical Halloween is action if possible, not only digital. If we have the option of doing thematic activities in situ, so much better. Of course, it depends a lot on who your client is and whether or not they can host actions of this type, but businesses that have a high social profile that can provide services and sales to the public, theming the services and premises on these dates is essential: mini passages of terror, themed decoration, costumed staff, exclusive recipes for the dates, Halloween collections… There are thousands of ideas with which you can update your brand on these dates which will give off a special attraction to your customers.

Secondly, let’s now talk about Halloween as a digital profile. If for some reason businesses can’t run physical campaigns that are more experiential for customers, you can’t miss the opportunity to theme your brand and approach your customers. creatively. First of all, it is essential to theme the branding in all our social networks and create a brand strategy throughout the previous week. Specific content, discounts on themed items, and the sale of exclusive items are good ways to generate high engagement during these dates.

Finally, it is very important to make a prior analysis of what the competition does, especially in the case of physical actions in a local marketing context that helps us to compete without wasting large amounts of money. We must take into account that generating large commercial actions involves high costs that we probably cannot make profitable, and that the greatest benefit we will get is in brand positioning and experiential customer experience. In this way, we can think of Halloween more as an investment in order to be a reference for future purchases, but it is useless to make an excessive effort if the competition proposes an investment in these actions that we cannot assume and perhaps we should assume other ways of managing this campaign.

Some examples of big brands

On Halloween, creativity is unleashed, and although it is a “scary” holiday, the orientation of campaigns has to be more entertaining and fun, it is super important to identify the brand in front of the promotion. The important thing is to make people feel that the brand is organically part of the holiday and therefore a part of everyday life.

Today, when we talk about ”love brands” and similar, what we are trying to achieve here are brands that accompany people in all aspects of life, not in a capricious or merely stationary way of a specific moment, but to create loyalty and comfort with the product, a consumer experience that cannot be replaced. That is why this type of campaign must prioritize this branding context. In this same line, we will see examples of great brands that carried out very creative campaigns without the need for large promotions and without neglecting the brand’s branding.

Here is an example, in the specific case of Pepsi and Coca-Cola you can see how they take advantage of a comic campaign against you to generate a positioning of superiority over the competition by changing only the copy of a design. Taking advantage of all the idiosyncrasy of the holiday and bringing all the imagery to the branding strategy is vital for a successful brand strategy.

What is not work

We have talked at considerable length about how to approach brand strategies, how to take advantage of the different creative concepts in our favor, and how to adapt to the holiday to generate a related brand strategy. But now we are going to talk about something very different and what we were all waiting for: Stop working! These dates are also a great time to take advantage and team build with activities at the office and improve the work environment.

Finally, if once all this is done you are left wanting more, don’t get stuck for ideas and go to a bar and share a couple of pints as a team and enjoy the day in the best company.