Halloween at the office

Halloween at office

Halloween seems scary, but when you experience Halloween at office… It’s a lot of fun and full of opportunities!

What is branding?

What is branding

We are sure that the word «branding» is familiar to you. In today’s blog we will solve this question: What is branding?

Inspiration to be creative #2

Inspiration to be creative

A few months ago when we started our blog, one of the sections we were excited to share with you was about our inspiration to be creative.

On-site vs. remote work: the new labor context after Covid-19

Remote work

The Covid-19 pandemic has led us to make everywhere our office. Wherever there is a laptop, so is our work. Today, even after the pandemic, the comforts of remote work seems to be here to stay. In March 2020, Covid-19 arrived and companies tried to adapt. In the specific case of offices, the general solution […]

Meme culture on Twitter and its use as a tool in our branding strategies

Meme cat

Memes monopolize our daily lives with messages that have a concentrated mix of topicality, virality and humor, but do you know everything about them? How can you use memes for your brand? Find out more by reading our blog! They make us laugh, they tell us about our daily lives, they respond to all kinds […]

Working in marketing for HORECA channel

Read our blog to find out what the HORECA channel is, its key communication, marketing and design issues; as well as the new short-term challenges it faces. The HORECA concept, sometimes referred to as HORECA channel or sector, is the acronym for Hotels, Restaurants and Caterings. It is a way of labeling all the businesses among these […]

Inspiration to be creative #1

Being creative makes us who we are, and we love creativity. But it is very difficult to be creative and original out of nothing, inspiration and references give us life every day. That’s why you need to have some sort Inspiration to be creative.

How to succeed at TikTok and not die trying

From dances and challenges to reactions and vlogs, TikTok is here to stay. Because of this, we will sharing with you all the tips you will need to get off on the right foot. Firstly, we have to talk about grammar. In the latest versions of the Oxford Dictionary, TikTok, with capital T, refers to the […]